A special THANK YOU to Karine & Iliana, our student experts, who were with us to share their thoughts on using tablets for learning!

They reminded us that...

  • ...specific apps were sometimes annoying if they were 'forced' to use them.
  • ...they valued being able to record themselves when working so that they could have something to reflect on
  • ...recording themselves is also helpful when practicing a 2nd language because they can practice privately and build up their confidence in speaking

Other Takeaways from our discussion

Using an iPad (or other tablet) to record can be useful in MANY circumstances.

  • Recording group discussions can be invaluable when we have multiple discussions going on at the same time. We can then listen to the discussions at another time instead of trying to run around and listen to everyone at once or having to schedule appointments to listen to each group one at a time.
  • Recording allows us to capitalize on our natural inclination for story-telling
  • Recording allows for learners to practice expressing themselves in a safe, private way
Tracy Rosen

I'm Tracy and I like to keep things as real as possible in the classroom.

What does this mean? I have been witness to a gazillion different PD flavours of the week/month/year and have come to the conclusion that all must be taken with at least two grains of salt and the only things that really make sense are the things that make sense for the learners in our care.

The first thing to do is ask - why am I doing this? And the absolute best thing to do is to ask your students - how does this help you?

This is just as true for tablets. I have learned that tablets can help learning because they are easy, quick, and intuitive. If we use this as our starting point, everyone wins. No need to jump through hoops and put on fancy shows :)